Grimes Aerospace Company – Aviation Parts Catalog

CAGE Code: 60187, 0BYW8, 5T400, 89513, 72914, 00672, 0RYD1, 077L2

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Part No NSN Item Name QTY RFQ
0-0864-3 6220-01-478-4983 light assembly lava Avl RFQ
0-5599 5977-00-004-2186 brush holder Avl RFQ
0-80UNF-2A-1-8 5305-00-940-9442 screw machine Avl RFQ
00-58147-17 1650-00-438-4452 cooler fuel oil Avl RFQ
0001-0009 1650-00-723-1902 swivel assembly hyd Avl RFQ
002-004099 5310-00-805-7480 nut self locking cl Avl RFQ
0029-23 5998-01-072-7831 extender card elect Avl RFQ
00505 5310-00-448-4833 washer recessed Avl RFQ
009-0332 5962-01-099-9222 microcircuit digita Avl RFQ
009-1503-000 4140-00-971-2103 fan vaneaxial Avl RFQ
0092-4 5998-01-072-7832 extender card elect Avl RFQ
00H17-225 5342-00-514-8694 coupling special Avl RFQ
00H17-225-1 5342-01-009-9209 coupling clamp groo Avl RFQ
00H17-225-4 5340-00-316-5839 coupling clamp grooved Avl RFQ
00H18-225-2 1560-01-015-4065 cap duct Avl RFQ
01-0052 1680-00-090-4434 universal joint air Avl RFQ
01-096-0613 3020-00-204-2512 gear helical Avl RFQ
01-3102-100-001-000 5935-00-985-5103 connector plug elec Avl RFQ
010-005601 5340-01-111-3028 plug assembly seali Avl RFQ
0115Z2630A 5910-00-899-5873 capacitor fixed ele Avl RFQ
012-00525 5365-01-115-1109 shim Avl RFQ
012-11647 5331-00-465-6702 o ring Avl RFQ
012808-001 5950-00-912-3376 transformer power Avl RFQ
015-086 6240-00-159-8658 lamp electrolumines Avl RFQ
015597 3020-00-830-1894 gear worm wheel Avl RFQ
0176Z2351B 5910-00-542-2334 capacitor fixed pap Avl RFQ
01891 5315-00-176-6575 key woodruff Avl RFQ
01C26 5330-00-511-9633 gasket Avl RFQ
01C27 5330-00-634-8242 gasket Avl RFQ
01C48 4810-00-211-4587 body valve Avl RFQ
01D02 5915-00-985-5067 filter radio frequency Avl RFQ
01D09 1660-00-066-9396 washer keyed Avl RFQ
01D12 1660-00-075-9311 head assembly Avl RFQ
01D13 1660-00-866-6075 plate cover valve a Avl RFQ
01D18 1660-00-075-9316 guide bimetal Avl RFQ
01D45 5340-01-164-8620 bracket angle Avl RFQ
01D46 5340-01-165-4505 strap retaining Avl RFQ
01D48 4710-00-344-3545 tube assembly metal Avl RFQ
01D84 5355-01-565-6248 dial control Avl RFQ
01D86 5930-00-083-3955 switch push Avl RFQ
01E45-3 6105-01-278-1375 stator motor Avl RFQ
02-0101-0360-01 5999-01-006-7074 shielding gasket el Avl RFQ
02-0101-0361-01 5950-00-795-7418 shield coil Avl RFQ
02-22331-23 6220-00-700-5527 lens light Avl RFQ
02-A-2094-G5 6220-00-935-4308 lens light Avl RFQ
02-A-7077-5 6210-00-566-2856 lens light Avl RFQ
02121 5340-01-064-3662 hinge butt Avl RFQ
02423 5305-01-096-6821 screw machine Avl RFQ
026231-1 6220-01-138-7299 light navigational Avl RFQ
02869 5330-00-176-2972 gasket Avl RFQ
02C12 2920-01-355-3976 spark plug Avl RFQ
02C48 2540-00-096-5729 head assembly fuel Avl RFQ
02C54 1660-00-699-0194 elbow heat control Avl RFQ
02C96 1660-00-503-9100 lead and conduit assem Avl RFQ
02C96 6150-00-503-9100 lead and conduit as Avl RFQ
02D10 1660-00-406-1265 housing assembly Avl RFQ
02D11 1660-00-165-1658 diaphragm assembly Avl RFQ
02D42 5365-00-968-8247 ring guide Avl RFQ
02D43 2805-00-968-8248 ring piston Avl RFQ
02D74 5360-00-083-3759 spring regulator Avl RFQ
02D92 9905-01-072-8940 plate identificatio Avl RFQ
02E13-1 4810-01-052-0071 valve butterfly Avl RFQ
02E26-1 1680-01-063-9393 rotor assembly Avl RFQ
02E69-3 5365-01-166-4833 ring expander Avl RFQ
02E69-5 5365-01-166-4834 ring expander Avl RFQ
02E81-1 4710-01-032-9739 tube assembly metal Avl RFQ
02E81-2 4710-01-034-0224 tube assembly metal Avl RFQ
02E82-1 2915-01-483-3014 tube assembly aircraft Avl RFQ
0307Z2346B 5910-00-672-7549 capacitor fixed pla Avl RFQ
037-159 6240-00-159-8658 lamp electrolumines Avl RFQ
03A132-6G09 5320-01-329-7709 pin rivet Avl RFQ
03A133-6G13 5320-01-371-1726 pin rivet Avl RFQ
03A135-6G12A 5320-01-349-5662 pin rivet Avl RFQ
03A349-8-19F 5320-01-332-6565 pin rivet Avl RFQ
03A349-8G19F 5320-01-332-6565 pin rivet Avl RFQ
03C11 1660-00-394-2053 regulator assembly Avl RFQ
03C43 2540-00-312-2058 heater assembly Avl RFQ
03C43-3 2540-00-312-2058 heater assembly Avl RFQ
03C44 2540-00-096-5730 chamber assembly wa Avl RFQ
03C47 5330-00-354-8653 gasket Avl RFQ
03C48 4710-00-096-5731 tube assembly combu Avl RFQ
03C51 5330-00-599-4409 gasket Avl RFQ
03C52 2540-00-679-1237 plate pressure Avl RFQ
03C53 2590-00-567-9294 control assembly he Avl RFQ
03C53 4520-01-080-6947 control assembly fu Avl RFQ
03C53 4 5975-01-152-2501 adapter electrical con Avl RFQ
03C53-10 5307-00-084-9373 stud Avl RFQ
03C53-13 4810-00-377-9049 valve solenoid Avl RFQ
03C53-14 5915-00-284-4363 filter radio freque Avl RFQ
03C53-15 2590-00-567-9294 control assembly he Avl RFQ
03C53-17 4520-01-080-6947 control assembly fu Avl RFQ
03C53-7 5310-00-084-9372 nut plain hexagon Avl RFQ
03C53-8 5305-00-090-2304 setscrew Avl RFQ
03C53-9 5360-00-522-2626 spring helical comp Avl RFQ
03C54 2540-00-096-5736 manifold assembly f Avl RFQ
03C57 4140-00-024-2669 blower engine heate Avl RFQ
03C57-1 2990-00-374-8106 motor and blower as Avl RFQ
03C57-2 4320-00-374-8107 pump rotary Avl RFQ
03C57-3 6105-01-083-3601 motor direct curren Avl RFQ
03C58-1 2540-00-085-8586 plate orifice Avl RFQ
03C60 6685-00-374-8108 control combustion Avl RFQ
03C60-1 5930-00-853-7389 switch sensitive Avl RFQ
03C62 2990-00-751-8903 bracket burner cont Avl RFQ
03C63 2540-00-019-7429 rod push Avl RFQ
03C64 5360-00-345-0803 spring helical comp Avl RFQ
03C65 5310-00-435-4454 washer panel fasten Avl RFQ
03C67 2540-00-219-5173 panel assembly Avl RFQ
03C67-1 5935-00-421-0804 socket electrical Avl RFQ
03C67-3 5970-00-621-7125 insulator bushing Avl RFQ
03C67-4 5905-00-193-3263 resistor adjustable Avl RFQ
03C67-5 5945-00-421-0805 relay thermal Avl RFQ
03C70 5970-00-621-7123 insulator disk Avl RFQ
03C71 5945-00-308-0573 button relay Avl RFQ
03C73 5340-00-096-5738 cover access Avl RFQ
03D09 1650-00-761-9371 cooler fluid hydrau Avl RFQ
03D20 1680-00-761-9342 bracket assembly Avl RFQ
03E87-1 1660-01-032-8903 retainer valve Avl RFQ
03E91-1 4920-01-037-5106 venturi assembly va Avl RFQ
0403-0631 5998-01-095-0135 holder electrical c Avl RFQ
0403-0632 5998-01-136-7855 holder electrical c Avl RFQ
0416Z2346A 5910-00-726-4483 capacitor fixed pap Avl RFQ
0423006-27 6220-00-936-3186 light navigational Avl RFQ
0433006-4 6220-00-858-2425 light navigational Avl RFQ
044592-2 5940-00-451-1184 terminal lug Avl RFQ
048-5-53 5325-01-545-6896 ring retaining Avl RFQ
048319 5961-00-001-9722 transistor Avl RFQ
04C03 2540-00-566-7795 loop locking Avl RFQ
04C04 2540-00-420-8873 sleeve adjusting Avl RFQ
04C36 1660-00-886-3381 body assembly regul Avl RFQ
04E21-1 5360-01-061-4593 spring helical comp Avl RFQ
04E25-1 4920-01-036-3742 fixture aircraft ma Avl RFQ
04E36-4 1660-01-305-1382 tube assembly comb Avl RFQ
04E59-1 4820-01-360-2393 valve regulating fl Avl RFQ
05002-108 6220-01-283-5584 light navigational Avl RFQ
053652 4920-01-457-3885 test equipment heli Avl RFQ
053654 5360-00-012-0012 spring assembly con Avl RFQ
055-5-9 5325-01-545-6021 grommet nonmetallic Avl RFQ
057-12-1 5315-01-545-6019 key woodruff Avl RFQ
05C71 5977-00-061-9765 electrode Avl RFQ
05C98 5365-00-148-0226 spacer sleeve Avl RFQ
05D68 1660-00-083-3764 parts kit valve Avl RFQ
05D71 1660-00-083-3931 parts kit valve Avl RFQ
05D72 1660-00-083-3942 parts kit valve Avl RFQ
05D73 1660-00-083-3952 parts kit valve Avl RFQ
05D92 1660-00-038-6642 pump fuel electric Avl RFQ
05D97 1660-00-070-6734 switch assembly hea Avl RFQ
05E60 4730-01-049-6744 nozzle spray fluid emu Avl RFQ
05E60 4730-01-049-3408 nozzle spray fluid emu Avl RFQ
05E60 1 4730-01-049-6744 nozzle spray fluid emu Avl RFQ
05E60-2 4730-01-049-3408 nozzle spray fluid emu Avl RFQ
05E76 4710-01-049-0421 tube assembly metal Avl RFQ
05E76-1 4710-01-049-0421 tube assembly metal Avl RFQ
05E77-1 4710-01-049-8917 tube assembly metal Avl RFQ
05E78 4710-01-049-4404 tube assembly metal Avl RFQ
05E78-1 4710-01-049-4404 tube assembly metal Avl RFQ
05E79 2590-01-041-5245 pump assembly fuel Avl RFQ
05E79-1 2590-01-041-5245 pump assembly fuel Avl RFQ
05E89-1 4730-00-600-5045 cross pipe Avl RFQ
05E94-1 5915-01-160-0079 filter radio frequency Avl RFQ
05P79-1 4810-01-320-2825 valve solenoid Avl RFQ
05P79-3 4810-01-320-2828 valve solenoid Avl RFQ
05P79-3CP 4810-01-320-2828 valve solenoid Avl RFQ
05P80-1 4810-01-321-2544 valve solenoid Avl RFQ
05P80-1DG 4810-01-321-2544 valve solenoid Avl RFQ
05P81-1CP 4810-01-320-2826 valve solenoid Avl RFQ
05P82-1 4320-01-320-2144 pump reciprocating Avl RFQ
062-100-9-03EX00 5330-01-399-6541 seal plain Avl RFQ
066-01171-3706 6610-01-527-2395 indicator vertical Avl RFQ
066135 5340-00-025-8311 clevis rod end Avl RFQ
066650 1560-00-486-0602 driver valve contro Avl RFQ
067-017392 4820-01-110-7170 seat valve Avl RFQ
067590 2915-00-397-5767 yoke fuel cock cont Avl RFQ
06C17 1660-00-723-1793 flange assy heater Avl RFQ
06C22 5995-01-064-4289 cable assembly igni Avl RFQ
06C46 4810-00-244-0625 valve solenoid Avl RFQ
06C49-1 5945-00-199-2305 relay electromagnet Avl RFQ
06C49-2 5945-00-908-2367 relay electromagnet Avl RFQ
06D22 5365-00-865-9204 plug machine thread Avl RFQ
06D31 4730-00-068-7762 strainer element se Avl RFQ
06D32 4820-00-070-1729 stem fluid valve Avl RFQ
06D34 4810-00-070-1728 seat valve Avl RFQ
06D41 5315-01-126-0772 pin straight headle Avl RFQ
06D76 1660-00-003-8052 case upper housing Avl RFQ
06D84 5330-00-059-7650 gasket Avl RFQ
06E15-1 5945-01-297-1971 solenoid electrical Avl RFQ
06E27-1 5360-01-043-6621 spring helical comp Avl RFQ
06E30-1 5360-01-166-4835 spring conical Avl RFQ
06E3D1 5360-01-166-4835 spring conical Avl RFQ
06E42-1 5961-01-151-4704 semiconductor devic Avl RFQ
06E49-1 1660-01-035-9667 kit overhaul valve Avl RFQ
06E98-2 1660-01-042-7910 housing modulator Avl RFQ
06E98-4 1660-01-113-8391 housing modulator Avl RFQ
06P69-1 3030-01-327-7693 belt positive drive Avl RFQ
074-1-59 5310-01-152-9355 washer flat Avl RFQ
074752 2915-00-486-0614 bolt assy fuel line Avl RFQ
074755 2915-00-777-4273 clamp cover Avl RFQ
074770 2915-00-219-2374 strainer element sedim Avl RFQ
074770 4730-00-219-2374 strainer element se Avl RFQ
0757-0477 5905-01-068-9268 resistor fixed film Avl RFQ
077-004265 5940-01-123-0186 splice conductor Avl RFQ

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